Our Mission

The mission of Valiant Academy is to enable the scholastic growth and to develop the intellectual curiosity of motivated students in grades K-12, so they may achieve their full potential.

Award Winning Curriculum
Based on Research

  • Our curriculum provides an exceptional alternative to a traditional public school or homeschooling. It has been specifically designed to help students gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills they need to be successful in life, work and higher education. Each grade level includes a mix of structured lessons and self-paced learning exercises to help ensure that every student is able to reach his or her full potential.

  • Curriculum experts review and select the best texts and teaching materials to create units, lessons and activities. The result is a set of interactive tools and resources that get students engaged and involved in learning using a diverse set of elements including graphics, video and audio to bring ideas and concepts to life.

  • The Valiant Academy curriculum is mastery-based. This means that students may advance at a faster pace than other schools, if they maintain sufficient academic performance and engagement

  • In some grades, our curriculum options also include a robust Advanced Learner Program and world languages.

Direct Daily Parent Involvement

  • A parent’s daily participation in learning activities is one of the key drivers of success. It demonstrates to children that education is important, and shows them that you are willing to help ensure they are successful.

  • The Valiant Academy model works best when there is a strong degree of parent involvement, which varies by grade level. To help you decide if Valiant Academy is right for you, please consider these expectations for parent engagement with students in grades K-8.

    • Parents of children in kindergarten through fifth grade should expect to commit an average of four to five hours each day in support of their child’s education.

    • Parents of children in grades six through eight will note that the required time commitment decreases. However, these parents are still expected to have direct and daily interaction with the child’s education.

  • For students at the high school level, we provide an academically challenging environment that empowers highly capable students to grow and prepare for success at the collegiate level. Our goal is to help each child build the necessary academic confidence and credentials to be accepted at the college of his or her choice.

Exceptional and Dedicated Teachers
Accelerated Student Learning

  • Valiant Academy attracts caring and talented teaches who both respect their students and believe strongly in collaboration with parents.

  • Many of our teachers have a master’s degree or other advanced degree, and teachers frequently update their skills with training, coaching and professional development.

  • Valiant Academy teachers are certified in the grade levels and subject areas they teach, consistent with state and authorizer guidelines.